Cool Mom In Charge

What's up y’all...

I’m Ozsha, the Cool Mom in Charge here at Cool Cub Closet & I’ve always had a passion for fashion... I mean even in my early years fashion was everything to me! My pops would crack on me with his "Ozsha dress like Punky Brewster" jokes because of the way I would mix prints and fabrics; what can I say, I loved to look cute & different, and honestly that's still how I would describe my style 'til this day, ;)! 


 I’m a part of the Spartan Family of Norfolk State University (BEHOLD!...) where I was first drawn to education and the desire to work with children. It was there that I grew passionate about educating our children both inside & outside of the classroom, instilling valuable lesson along the way. I will forever be grateful to my beloved NSU!


I became a mom summer 2012 and immediately start calling him my cub. I was his mama bear and he was my pride and joy. I loved dressing him up; you know, having him match my fly! It just made sense! He was so cool back then, and is even cooler now so the brand’s name was a no brainer! When Cool Cub Closet started he was my MOTIVATION, and continues to be as the brand grows.


I spent 10+ years in the non profit sector working primarily with youth. I love that chapter of my life; those kids I worked with were truly my INSPIRATION when I started the brand; I'd show them my designs to see if they liked them and even used them as my models. I keep them in mind every step of the away. 


In the end, Cool Cub Closet was created to combine my love for my cub, Cam, my passion for our youth, and my love for fashion. Stay tuned for lots of drip that will encourage, inspire, and keep your cool cub fly! Oh, and don't worry because I'm forever on a budget so I got y'all; nothing too outrageous. The drip for less or whatever! Ride with me!